Sarn and Jet 06

Sarn 15 yrs and Jet 4 yrs

Mr Fothergill 2

  Mr John Fothergill, Pedigree Judge, has a word with owners while Cats Protection League
  volunteers are busy running a BBQ but is there a budding friendship that no one has noticed?

Arthur from Stroud

Things are moving along nicely in the Pedigree Ring while Arthur, from Stoud leads the Novelties ring

Claie Hyde Stall

One of Claire Hyde's Grooming Students
makes someone beautiful. Link to her website

Wolfhounds 500

The Wolfhounds from Bridgend and their friends are really not into that sort of thing

Blue and others
Even slower Nov
Slower Novelty Class
Pedigree Class 500
Jan and Dom 500