Prince and Molly Heads

Mollie and Prince. Both 6 yrs.

All Saints 2004

All Saints 2004.
Greyhound Welfare Annual Show
Zizou, then six years old, stands quietly in the Ring. Housemate Cara looks on
Babe is in the background
Zizou lost a three week battle with Osteosarcoma in January 2006.
(A particularly aggressive and fast moving form of bone cancer, frequently referred to as O.S.)

The family recommends that any owners facing similar heartbreak and loss visit Circle of Grey.
An American Site set up to help owners of greyhounds with cancer.
The Moderators and Members offer purely unbiased support based on their own experiences.
Zizou messages can be found from 22.12.05. starting with New Diagnosis and ending on 17.1.06 with
No More Splints. Few greyhounds have been as popular or enjoyed events
(and life in general) as much as the boy.
This site was started in his memory.

All Saints 2004

All Saints 2004.
Greyhound Welfare Annual Show
From the left the greyhounds are Prince, Oscar, Zara, Cara, Blue and Zizou

All Saints
All Saints Start
Amanda and small

All Saints 2004
Annual Church Fund Dog Show
Judge Amanda with one of the spaniel contestants

Great Danes  2004

All Saints 2004
Annual Church Fun Dog Show
A short discussion at the Great Dane Stand
Anabelle, on the left, is still going strong and winning lots of prizes.
Rescued dog Jack is no longer with us