Atom and U
Annaias and Princess

Young handlers Alexandra and Annaise won a prize with GSD Princess

Nice to See You

Everyone needs a pick-up
occasionally, or just to be included in the conversation?

Two of a kind
Shelties x 2

Spoilt for chioce in the Best Matched Pairs class with 8 double entries. Dogs or dog and owner dressed up.

 Results from the Novelty Ring

Best Behaved Puppy (under twelve months)
4 entries won by Samson
Best Child Owner / Handler
(special rossette for the youngest child)
13 entries won by Kian with Pippi
Best Junior Owner / Handler
4 entries won by Katie with Cerys
Waggiest Tail
7 entries won by Lizzie
Most Appealing eyes (bitch)
19 entries won by Tina
Most Appealing eyes (dog)
13 entries won by Bodie
Most Mixed-Up Breed
3 entries won by Lizzie

Best Rescued Bitch
13 entries won by Sadie
Best Rescued Dog
9 entries won by Sam
Best Veteran over 7 years
7 entries won by 10 yr old Skye
Best Veteran over 12 years
3 entries won by 16 yr old Fleur
Best Matched Pair (Owners or pets)
8 entries won by Flyte and Daisy May

Dog Show BIS Novelty

 BIS. Cerys

Go Girls

With 19 entries in the Beautiful Eyes
(female) it was every girl for herself.

Prize Winner 3

Can I go now, can I go now, well I'm going !