Auction 24

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Two matching Doulton Burslem Plates
11 ½ inches and 13 ½ inches respectively
measured across the oval shape.
Trustee Donation
Gift from a late mother-in-law who received them from her own mother-in-law. Believed in excess of
80 years old. Made in Harlow Road, England. £10.00 Reserve

Makers Mark

Brass Griffin. Pictured with £1.00 coin
Believed to be a Letter Holder.
Curio donated by a former customer of our
Charity Shop in Pontypridd and a collector himself. Griffin believed made of brass since
It’s very heavy.
No reserve

Cookworks Sandwich Toaster
Nearly new Supporter donation.
Ideal for those occasions when a quick, hot snack is required. Can cope with two sandwiches. Therefore perfect for one hungry person. Two not very hungry persons or a whole group who don’t mind waiting.
They could always have a cup of coffee courtesy of the next item.
£2.00 reserve

Philips Coffee Maker 3 – 7 cups.
Nearly new Supporter donation.
All the joy of “proper coffee” in the
convenience of one’s own home.
Complete with the economy that’s implied.
As long as one has thought to get it all ready
beforehand and don’t mind clearing up.
Especially if the whole load of hungry people
have had coffee and sandwiches because then
they’ll want to use the loo !!

£2.00 reserve

Soldering Iron 12v. 20 w
Designed to fit a car cigar lighter.
Donated by a Trustee. This item is unused and
Has spent many years living in the glove
compartments of various cars.
None of which had a cigar lighter. Ah !
No reserve

Two almost worthless decanters.
Unless of course there’s a person just
itching to make some hooch for Christmas
and lacking receptacles, or even holders for
pot pourri, or containers for Elbow Grease,
or a bit grudging with the bubble bath and
making it go around two people … in fact
a host of uses.
Donor does wish to be identified on the grounds
that these motives might be attributed to him / her

No reserve

Semi Porcelain plates x 2
Griffin and coin best
Sandwich toaster
Philips Coffe Maker
Soldering Iron
Decanters x 2